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Shalimar Restaurant
307 S. Main, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
tel. 734-663-1500
fax. 734-929-9129


    • RASMALAI $3.99
      Homemade cheese patties cooked in milk and served with pistachios (gluten free)

    • GULAB JAMUN (2) $3.99
      Sweet milk dumplings in warm syrup

    • KHEER $3.99
      Rich rice pudding with cardamom and nuts (gluten free)

    • GAJJER HALWA $3.99
      Carrot and milk pudding with nuts, spiced with cardamom. Served warm (gluten free)

    • MANGO ICE CREAM $3.99
      Homemade in our kitchen (gluten free)

    • PISTA ICE CREAM $3.99
      Pistachio ice cream homemade in our kitchen

    • KULFI FALOODA $4.99
      Traditional Indian ice cream with nuts and pistachios. Served with sweetened noodles


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